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═══════ HEROES VII Might and Magic ═══════ The structure of the publication is: - Might and Magic® game.Geroi® VII - Exclusive hero Solmir available both for single and multiplayer missions - Map of the script created with community games - Original Soundtrack - Might and Magic® game.

After the death of Empress country burns in the flame of discord: the numerous opponents are fighting for the vacant throne. Enter your code in the appropriate activation field 5.Embark on an unforgettable journey and immerse yourself in a fantasy world with an amazing story and a great role-playing system!- Explore and conquer the fascinating world; - Wise use of its resources; - Lead the army to battle legendary creatures; - To nurture their hero with incredible abilities and put it on a powerful artifact.World of Tanks (World of Tanks eng.) - Client-based massively multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of World War II, developed by Belarusian studio.

The developers of the game is positioned as a MMO-shooter with elements of role-playing, shooter and strategy.

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