Updating the texas cost of education index

This problem is especially acute with I&S taxes of which no portion is subject to recapture.Katy ISD’s $70.3 million football stadium is a monument to this problem, with similar venues in Allen ISD and Mc Kinney ISD.Even though it was intended to be a temporary measure to help districts transition to a new system, 24% of districts are still funded by this mechanism.Target Revenue has arbitrarily benefited some districts over others, as it bases funding on historical factors rather than a district’s current students.According to the Equity Center, “When a segment of districts receives funding outside a cost-based formula system, other districts and their taxpayers are footing the bill to keep such non-cost based funding in place.Non-privileged districts with taxpayers taxed at higher rates are in effect subsidizing the higher funded, lower-taxing districts.” Equity Center estimates that continuing this failed policy beyond its scheduled expiration date in 2017 will shortchange students in over 75% of districts including Houston ISD, Dallas ISD and El Paso ISD.What matters is that schools receive the funding allotment their students are entitled to, which is currently not the case in most districts.A district budgeting system that allocates actual dollars and provides principals with autonomy to make tradeoffs with scarce resources would help ensure that all schools get a fair shot at hiring talented teachers without forcing those with less expensive staffs to subsidize the others.

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