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His exhibition, Delhi to Manhattan, appeared at Tibet House in New York City from April to June 2009, to benefit the Tibetan children of the city of Dharamsala.In 2001, shortly after filming of Lagaan finished in India, the town where filming took place was levelled by an earthquake, including the apartment building in which the cast of Lagaan was staying.During the panel, the cast unveiled the first look at the upcoming season of the CW show. If you missed it, Stephen and Emily picked up “Ship of the Year” at the MTV Fandom Awards, which air TONIGHT on MTV!

He played an Irish terrorist in the US series Burn Notice in 2009 in one episode.Also on 7 December 2010, he appeared in the Christmas episode ("Secret Santa") of the Sy Fy series Warehouse 13.He appeared in a two-part cliffhanger during the mid-season break of White Collar Season 2.He also made appearances on Medium in two roles (one uncredited as Henry Stoller, Junior), Deadwood, and an episode of Monk Season 5 Episode 10 "Mr.

Monk and the Leper" as dermatologist Aaron Polinski.

Blackthorne, 46, is best known for his role as Police Captain Quentin Lance on "Arrow," the CW superhero series.