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I formulated my life’s motto and installed it on my trusty palm-pilot. (Narrators takes the business card) I’ll give you a call first thing next week and let you know my life’s motto (again, folding his arms looking very proud of himself). Cole- standing up gives his Cub Scout pledge, strong and loud. And our lovely and gracious Doleen, played by Dillan ****** has picked Cole ******, our cub scout!! I’m Zachary *****, your host of the Dating Game!!!! Just give me a second to pull it up (Dustin is punching on some key pads and growing flustered). Host hands the card to Doleen who immediately tosses it over “her” shoulder Doleen- O. (Cheering from the audience) Doleen- Well, this is a very difficult decision because you each had such wonderful answers (all the while shaking head “NO” to the audience), but after careful thought, I choose bachelor #1!!!!! De California XXL beleeft zijn debuut tijdens ’s werelds grootste beurs voor caravans en campers, de Caravan Salon 2017 in Düsseldorf, die plaatsvindt van 26 augustus tot en met 3 september.Volkswagen maakt voorafgaand aan de introductie meer details van de Crafter California XXL bekend.Doleen: waiting for more finally says, “But how would we get off the island? ” Daniel- Hey baby, you can surf if you want but not on MY board. (Saying “mothers” kind of slow and affectionate like) Doleen- rather annoyed, Bachelor #1???Nobody surf on the “Wild Rider.” The man and his board, you know, like it’s sacred! Cole- If I had $100.00, I would buy you ANYTHING YOU WANT!No man, to get off the island I was thinking of just letting you hold on by a rope or somethin’! There is nothing you need more in your life than a good surfboard, and it never hurts to have a few cans of shark repellant! Dustin- Well, Ms., first I would take out $50.00 and place it in a savings account where you would be earning interest. (cheers will go up in the audience) Host- Great questions and a few good answers.Doleen- very disgusted says, “Thanks but NO THANKS! Cole- Well ma’am, first of all, I would drop EVERYTHING (looking back to Dustin) and second of all I would NOT for one instant drag you in the water! (Cole shows the example to the audience then the host takes it and shows it to Doleen who, of course, is very impressed) Doleen- Well done Bachelor #1! (holds up a fake can of shaving cream that has a circle with a shark crossed out) Doleen- rather nervously says, O. Next, I would lavish you with thee top of the line palm pilot with a built in calculator (shaking his head again, looking all proud of himself)! Now, Doleen, you have time for just one more question. (laughing and getting a kick out of his joke, maybe punching Dustin then Dustin grabbing his shoulder painfully) Doleen- No, No, No.

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“Doleen” enjoys collecting Yugio cards, playing linebacker for the Sirens and building her upper body strength.De innovatieve lay-out van de carrosserie en het interieur zorgt voor meer ruimte; zo past er bijvoorbeeld een comfortabel bed van twee meter lengte in de California XXL.Een separate, ruime leefruimte biedt veel bewegingsvrijheid.(being very serious) And all I can say about this is …..“SURF’S UP BABY!! let’s hear from bachelor #2 Dustin- Well, I’m glad you asked this question Doleen. Bachelor #2 is Dustin ***** our businessman (Doleen shakes Dustin's hand too hard and hurts him).

” Laughs again, takes out his comb and starts combing his hair and/or rubbing his surfboard with a towel. Why just last week my boss wanted this same information. Let’s meet bachelor #3, Daniel ******, our surfing dude (As Doleen reaches his hand to shake at the last second Daniel wipes his hand across his head to fake her out-really playing the jerk). ) The skit ends as Doleen chases the cub scout around the chairs and finally the host and the boys blow the traditional kiss to the crowd as the "Dating Game" theme song plays in the background.

But let me check my palm pilot …..(Dustin takes out his palm pilot and starts punching the dates) I can plan on having some time…YES, definitely.

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