Kosher rules on dating men

We must not remove the limb of an animal while it is still alive (a common practice, prior to refrigeration).When we slaughter an animal, it must be done with the least possible pain; there is a special knife that is so sharp that even the slightest nick in the blade renders it impermissible. And we are reminded not to be vicious, by the prohibition to eat vicious birds of prey.Kashrut requires that one must wait after eating meat before eating milk products and we may not eat certain animals or combinations of foods. Because the real reason we eat kosher is that God commanded us to do so in the Torah, and the Jewish people are bound to God in a covenant to keep the commandments of that Torah.Which begs another question: How do we know there is a God, and how do we know that God gave us the Torah?No, but I've been asked this numerous times — once even by my cleaning lady. That's the point: We believe these matters are *private.* No, actually, I don't.Which is pretty funny because she's SEEN my sheets. And none of my friends who cover their hair do either.

Of course, the Almighty does not want us to become neurotic.Perhaps the most revealing response to those who maintain that kashrut is for health is to look at the traditional staples of Ashkenzai (European) Jewish cuisine -- chopped liver, grivines (fried chicken skin), cholent (a Shabbat stew).A food can be kosher and a first class ticket to a heart attack!We don't know what our ancestors knew, and we are comfortable doing what we are doing. Well, if we really knew that there is a God who gave us the Torah and that we have a covenant with Him to keep the Torah -- it would probably motivate some people. Judaism also forbids eating animals that have abscesses in their lungs or other health problems.

Shellfish, mollusks, lobsters (and yes, stone crabs) which have spread typhoid and are a source for urticara (hives) are not on the diet.

And if we don't have the facts, we can end up looking foolish. The two reasons why Jews for thousands of years have kept kosher is because Jews believe: 1) There is a God who created the world, sustains and supervises it. Is it because we are more knowledgeable than our forbearers of the past 3,000 years? The only question is if one believes that the payoff is worth the investment.