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The Sexton's Hero by Elizabeth Gaskell The afternoon sun shed down his glorious rays on the grassy churchyard, making the shadow cast by the old yew-tree under which we sat, seem deeper and deeper by contrast.The everlasting hum of myriads of summer insects made luxurious lullaby.I were startled myself when I first found what a set I were among, but soon I began to fall into their ways, and I ended by being as rough a chap as any on ’em.

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‘Before the sun had set, it was talked of all over Lindal, how I had challenged Gilbert to fight, and how he’d denied me; and the folks stood at their doors, and looked at him going up the hill to his home, as if he’d been a monkey or a foreigner, — but no one wished him good e’en.’ said Jeremy, standing up until the old man was seated. ‘It will be forty-five year come Martinmas,’ said the Sexton, sitting down on a grassy mound at our feet, ‘since I finished my ‘prenticeship, and settled down at Lindal.You can see Lindal, sir, at evenings and mornings across the bay; a little to the right of Grange; at least, I used to see it, many a time and oft, afore my sight grew so dark: and I have spent many a quarter of an hour a-gazing at it far away, and thinking of the days I lived there, till the tears came so thick to my eyes, I could gaze no longer.When he still stuck to it he could not, for that it was wrong, she was so vexed and mad-like at the way she’d spoken, and the feelings she’d let out to coax him, that she said more stinging things about his being a coward than all the rest put together (according to what she told me, sir, afterwards), and ended by saying she’d never speak to him again, as long as she lived; — she did once again though, — her blessing was the last human speech that reached his ear in his wild death struggle. From the day I met them walking, Letty turned towards me; I could see a part of it was to spite Gilbert, for she’d be tw ...

When you first meet a woman she will immediately get a feel for your sense of humor and if you can make her giggle then you may just have a shot!

Such a yell as the Lindal lads, who were watching us, set up! I could na’ help but feel sorry for him, to be so scorned, and I thought he’d not rightly taken my meaning, and I’d give him another chance; so I said it again, and dared him, as plain as words could speak, to fight out the quarrel.