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Don’t caramelize the tops of the custard until immediately before serving.After sitting for a bit, the sugar will begin to soften.Along with the recipes, you will also learn about the origins and evolution of British food and drink from ancient times to present day.The cuisine that once had a reputation for being bland and colorless is making a comeback with remarkable flavors and styling that has made London one of the world’s greatest food cities today.This book is a great pick for those interested in British cuisine.Recipes range from simple weeknight meals to the more complex pastries, pies, and tarts.I also made Eggs and Soldiers, Parmo, Spag Bol, and Toad in the Hole.

The Romans arrived in 43 CE and brought along foods from the Mediterranean.

Scotland and France had an alliance dating back to 1295 which created a sharing of dishes between the countries.

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