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Yes, the premise sounds silly and leads to LOTS of fanservice (which in itself is never a bad thing) but as the series goes along a more serious story starts to develop.While the ending did feel a bit flat (still needs to see the OAD) it is well worth the watch.Sexual tones are applied to the lead`s behavior and to the members` depiction.The lead will often be physically abused for his behavior.

Especially gratuitous fanservice shows tend to show their characters frequently without any clothes, though often hiding genitals through the means of additions like steam."Panties" in Japanese.It does have some touch of genius in the last episode's featured song, may I say.As I say: Lyrics may be a piece of c*ap but, as long as everything is in harmony, the song will always be good. I din't give more than 8 because I didn't like the chosen plot twist on episode 10 (it could have been a 9). "school for geniuses"; however, this anime is for ecchi/fanservice lovers only as this is 100% focused on. R-15 is about an aspiring young writer named Taketo, who happens to be a genius at writing eroge, and his daily life at Inspiration Academy, a school for geniuses.Pantsu views may be exclusive to the viewer without impacting any characters. Since a large part of the anime audience still takes part in school life or is visiting college, it is only natural to choose a setting the audience can identify with, be it elementary, middle, or high school.