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AUREL KOLNAI AND He recognized that Nazism was far more than a historical aberration caused by the defeat of Austria and Germany in World War I.He identified much deeper roots grounded in a deep resentment against Christianity and God’s revelation in the Bible.Only in section three of his treatise does Luther become really objectionable by repeating numerous medieval legends about Jewish perversity.This section is really bad and includes the idea that Jews should convert to Christianity or be driven out of German-speaking lands.NAZI NEOPAGANISM Some authors, such as Richard Steigmann-Gall, attempt to argue that Rosenberg and fellow neopagans in the Nazi party were unimportant.In presenting this argument, Steigman-Gall tells his readers that Rosenberg’s key work, the , “was easily the most abstruse book ever written by a Nazi” and was “largely ignored” because Nazi leaders, including Hitler and Goebbels, rejected it.Therefore, the question arises whether Luther changed his mind or simply developed ideas latent in his early works. There is no doubt that after reading the work of a former rabbi and Christian convert Anthony Margaritha’s book on Judaism, Luther’s views hardened.

To refute these slanders, understanding Nazism is important.It was reprinted in the “late-sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, but had limited impact on the general population.” Later, the Nazis republished the book and selectively used it without fully embracing Luther or his writings.To understand Luther’s impact on National Socialism, it is important to take a close look at the National Socialist views of Luther.Technically, this claim is correct, but it overlooks the fact that in condemning the uselessness of ideologies, the Nazis embraced the idea of “Weltanschauung,” or worldview.

This, they argued, was far more powerful than an ideology because it united ideas with action.

These are found in many works and given a semi-authoritative status in the writings of the chief Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg (1893–1946).

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