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While all of the women being considered have made valuable contributions to society – some more widely known than others – Harriet Tubman would set a nice precedence in my opinion. And the great thing is, any future changes to paper currency or even coins can continue.This campaign may have you fired up….leave you disinterested, but cultural shifts often start small and gain traction in other areas. Don’t think you can stomach watching tv shows or movies?????? Anyone who thinks they can be more effective as a conscientious objector should do so, but might I suggest popping your head out to take a stab at slaying a beast or two should the opportunity arise? We observed other forums take a firm stance about distancing oneself from a lot of media, to not support things that weren’t beneficial. We can appreciate all perspectives on whether to consume media, what to consume and whether people are being passive or more thoughtful in their choices. Media companies may even spread inaccurate information about certain groups to prop up another. Suffice it to say, we have to use our thinking caps and see the big picture to cut through a lot of the confusion.Other people are studying us and our histories in their continuing quest for dominance.

Well…Broadway and Off-Broadway has roughly half a dozen plays written by black women being produced right now…that you can support! As stated above, I’ve seen the argument for divorcing oneself from media entirely. But I know many are going to watch programs [many low-grade] no matter what. Now…perhaps some of our native home-grown population will see its validity and understand its significance. And note to media…STOP lumping every black person as African American. They’re just hip words with no real meaning to them. Coon is the new ‘Nu Black’, When I see that emerging from all of this emotionalism, tunnel-vision and relying on seasonal support (not to mention opportunistic vultures), I will take it and these folks who claim they want change seriously. If you’re still at this 3-4 years from now and can show some infrastructure changes then you might be onto something. I’m glad this descriptor was created much longer and was not the brainchild of the racism/victim ambulance chaser….although it lends to more questions about who has done research, who has claimed credit for such research and what the underlying agendas are….. Where are the directors, producers, writers, and other staff??

Don’t let a few high-profile mentions fool you into thinking there’s dozens of shows to choose from.

Larry went on to have a career at a plastics manufacturing company; Sharon worked with middle school age autism students.