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If you think that marriage is not an expensive proposition, you have not considered the total cost of a wife. Because old guys can pay for shoes, wardrobe, makeup, perfumes, car, room and board, etc!Also, the prettiest young women wind up with the guys with the biggest, longest, thickest, hardest bank accounts.Besides, thirty somethings can't pay for all stuff you babes love to consume.Sent by No Bullshit on April 29, 2003 Ah, ageism at its best combined with sexism at its worst :-) However, wrp to my current relationship, our ages at the time we got together fit the formula EXACTLY!And we have had a very stable and happy relationship for eight years now. ) Sent by Ool on May 17, 2003 Ok, nice formula - but also important is the body-here is my hint: height(cm)/weight(kgs)= anything =3 is perfect!So if anything, his calculation seems to be for first encounters... Sent by Marshall on August 15, 2003 I am 29 and would be willing to do a 45 year old if there was something in it for me! I have fond memories of getting some 9 year old ass as a 4 year old. Sent by 38-yr-old woman on November 2, 2003 Michelle, you are a whore. Sent by ampliphibian on December 6, 2002 I couldn't agree more - but I'd be satisfied with just getting laid more than once in a blue moon. I've seen this variously attributed to Plato and Lao Tzu.

That age is halved (22/2 =11), and 7 is tacked on to the divided result.Age a man is that's most desireable to date: Women at any legal dating age = Men at 31 with mutant gene that forces their mental age (see above) to keep up with their physical age.Sent by Bling Myself on June 9, 2004 Is there an equivalent table for us gay men?"Half, plus seven" is the age-old dating rule for dudes.

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    Mar 2, 2013. The idea is that you divide your age by two, then add seven; that's the youngest person you're "allowed" to date. Tons of people reach Butch Wonders by searching for things like "lesbian age differences," "age difference formula gay," and "what's the rule for gay age differences. 7/22/2016 am.…
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    For example, you can calculate age in years, months and days. You can also. In this example, the start date is in cell D9, and the end date is in E9. The formula is in F9. The “d” returns the number of full days between the two dates. That divides the number of days by 7, since there are 7 days in a week. Note that this.…
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    One commonly-applied formula is the "half your age plus seven" rule, in which the older partner's age is divided by two and then increased by seven to reach either the ideal or minimum allowable age for a romantic partner. This has the advantage of allowing for a larger age gap the older the partners get; the four-year age.…