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I just began using and get lots of winks and have had a few first emails.But when they respond, their answers are short and not too informative or don’t seem to offer much to move things forward.

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If so, run with it and see if their responses improve.She told me that she received over 500 emails in her first week. This reinforces why women are NOT obliged to write back polite rejection letters AND it reinforces why just because older men want attractive young women, they are unlikely to get a letter back. See my blog post “As Valuable as Your Options” if this isn’t clear to you. Plenty of women who are exasperated with the flood of emails delete their entire inbox just to keep things manageable.If she has 500 potential future spouses in the mix, why would she date a guy fifteen years older? What they DON’T do, and probably should is HIDE THEIR PROFILES.It seems that not getting responses at all is a much more common problem and it’s good that this situation has moved beyond that.

Still, it’s an annoying problem and appreciating that you don’t have someone else’s problem isn’t going to solve it.

A wink says either that he’s lazy, he’s illiterate, or, more likely, that he’s winking at 50 people at a time to see who responds to him. One set of rules applies to men, another applies to women.

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