Outlook busy time not updating

For example if you attempt to delete a meeting, the Send Cancellation form automatically appears.You cannot save this change without clicking the Send Cancellation button to send the cancelation email.Additionally, you will learn how to make Outlook send a specific type of update, depending on the meetings properties that you want to change.In a few words, in Outlook 20 you can no longer make critical changes on a meeting without sending an update.

As the name states, it was designed to simply inform the attendee of specific changes that have occurred on the meeting.Somone has to have a solution that actualy works out there..... Problem: When in Outlook 2007 and trying to schedule a meeting with a user/resource I look at their free/busy time and it shows the hash marks.The legend at the bottom says it means "no information".When you’re in an audio or video call, your presence indicator appears red, as Busy, and your status updates to “In a call.” Part of your presence can include a personal note that appears in your Contacts list, your contact card, and your contacts’ Activity Feed.

Make sure you set your status to an appropriate state.

The difference between these two is worth discussing, as Outlook uses each type in a very specific scenario.

Outlook busy time not updating comments

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