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Everyone has the right to protest, but not on my flag! There is more important things in life than your pizzas, like our military.Reply I am saddened by your back petaling of previous statements.I have been a fan of NFL since I was in junior high.I’m done with the NFL and with Papa John’s, and whoever else chooses to disrespect the sacrifices of the very small percentage of Americans who truly serve and protect this nation.

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I’ll exercise that right, just as I have not watched or attended an NFL game since this disrespect began.You have rights, players have rights, and I have a choice of where I spend my money.Reply Very very very disappointed Stan’s comment on the NFL exercising their first amendment rights I would never buy another Pizza some you guys in my life time sorry what was a very very bad statement to make.Reply My father was military, my husband was military, our son is military and our grandson is military.

Your decision to apologize to the NFL disgusts me and my proud military family.

I recently got hired at one of your stores and put all the issues together and found a simple solution. I already started ordering from Pizza Hut, no more Papa John’s. If they did this to me, how many others debit card receipts are they signing and adding tips to that are not authorized?

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