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Join yearbook staff Kairos is searching for a few good men and women to help create this year's yearbook. (SUB) Friday Campus ministry retreat Saturday Women's soccer vs. Albert Borgmann speaks on "The information revolution" - 10 a.m. (SUB) Fall lecture series CLU's fall lecture series will feature speakers from the fields of education, religion, science and literature focusing on the theme "Paradigm Shift: New Worlds of Mindand Spirit." All lecturesarc at 10a.m. He spoke on the topic of "Erotic Love and God: A Paradigm Shift." On Sept. Albert Borgmann, regents profes- sor of philosophy.If you are interested in making our yearbook more memorable by contributing some creative ideas or otherwise helping out, please call ext. Geeting to perform recital On Sunday cellist Joyce Geeting will present a recital in the chapel beginning at 2 p.m. Univer- sity of Montana will speak in the chapel at 10 a.m.Andrew Parks would like to perform at high schools to showcase the school and some of the talented students who attend CLU.Other drama plans include the revival of the improvisational team with Kevin Kern, and a Black Box production of 'The Bald Soprano" with student director Tony Gardner.The appropriations committee maintains the resources of Senate. The money was from the proceeds of the Viking Sandwich booth at the 1997 Scandinavian Festival and also includes matching funds from the home office of Aid Association for Lutherans.The public relations committee releases information on behalf of Senate. Forum "Changing Roles for Higher Education in our Public Schools," Gary K. 3 - Harold Sloner Clark Lecture Series - "Rethinking the Methods of the Human Sciences." Dr. Luce Chair in the Center for Multiethnic and Transnational Studies, USC. "Alternative Visions of Theory in the Human Sciences." 8 p.m. 17 - "Mujerista Theology: a Theology for the 21st century," Dr. Runzo expands analysis of erotic love THE [email protected] An All American Associated Collegiate Press Paper Editor in Chief Michael Wehn Opinion Editor Rebecca Rollins Sports Editor Paul Kendrick Arts Editor Suzanne Fazalare Features Editor Danielle Tokarski Religion Editor Stephanie Ehlers Photo Editor Bradley David Leese Business Manager Laura Corsi Photographers Tom Farley, Silje, E.

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'96-'97 yearbooks still available The '96-'97 yearbooks are here and they look great. Helpdesk staff installing computers Please note that during the first two weeks of the term the efforts of the staff who regularly resolve helpdesk calls and make on site visits to offices to solve problems will be focused on the installation of computers in the residence halls. The staff will of course respond to emergency needs and will make every effort to deal with other problems in a timely manner. In order to participate in the recruitment process or access professional employment opportunities you must establish a placement file with Shirley Mc Connell, professional recruitment coordinator. Photo by Bradley Leese Cone jo Youth Employment expands office hours The Conejo Employment Service is pleased to announce the expan- sion of office hours. CYES is a private, non-profit job search assistance and placement ser- vice for local residents ages 13-25 who are seeking full or part-time employment in the Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Moorpark and Agoura areas. Other than having to "find good food" between his busy schedule and the school cafeteria. This is a nice area with friendly faculty," he said.Hur wants to share these techniques with his students so that they may enjoy and appreciate the entire process of ceramics.In order to accomplish this, Hur will involve his students in each step of the process. He hopes that his students."after finish- ing the class will appreciate the whole pro- cess," not just the end result.17, 1997 p n r a r »ECH» School of Education offers workshop for alumni The School of Education will present an Alumni Leader- ship Conference tilled, "Meeting the Millennium: Con- necting with the Past" on Sept. The cost is $50 which includes continental breakfast and lunch. in the chapel focusing on building the tools of citizen power and putting democracy into action. Because postage costs were prohibitive, we could not mail out this information to ADEP and grad students. The Echo reserves the right toedit all stories, editorials, letters to the editor and general submissions for space restrictions, accuracy and style.

Nader to host workshop Consumer advocate Ralph Nader will host a workshop on Sept. Attendees will discuss with Nader, Harvey Rosenfield and other activists on how citizens can utilize their roles as consumers, voters, taxpayers, workers and shareholders to organize for change through the initiative process, the legislative arena and grassroots organizing. Free Advertising Anyone wishing to advertise CLU related events can do so on the Calendar Page, free of charge. We are working with center directors and others to help us disseminate this information. All submissions to The Echo become the propeny of The Echo.

To have your event published, send information to The Echo office via campus mail, leave a message at ext. These individuals may also call the circulation desk in Pearson Library, ext. If a continuing student has forgotten his or her password, for security reasons they need come in person to Pearson Library in order to obtain that information. 22 "The Information Revolution: Grand Pre- dictions and Subtle Changes." Dr. regents professor of philosophy, University of Mon- tana. 2 "Colonialism, Catholicism and Population Control: A Study of Puerto Rican Women." Dr. Nelson Room "The Re-enchantment of the World: The Role of Consumer Goods in Modern Literature," Dr. All inquiries about this newspaper should be addressed to the Editor in Chief, The Echo.

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