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If you find that convincing, please refer to Chapter 5, on ‘The roots of religion’, which explains why belief is so ubiquitous.Or do you think that religious belief is necessary in order for us to have justifiable morals? Please read Chapters 6 and 7 to see why this is not so.Just as feminists wince when they hear ‘he’ rather than ‘he or she’, or ‘man’ rather than ‘human’, I want everybody to flinch whenever we hear a phrase such as ‘Catholic child’ or ‘Muslim child’.Speak of a ‘child of Catholic parents’ if you like; but if you hear anybody speak of a ‘Catholic child’, stop them and politely point out that children are too young to know where they stand on such issues, just as they are too young to know where they stand on economics or politics. That is not a Muslim child, but a child of Muslim parents. Chapters 1 and 10 top and tail the book by explaining, in their different ways, how a proper understanding of the magnificence of the real world, while never becoming a religion, can fill the inspirational role that religion has historically — and inadequately — usurped. Being an atheist is nothing to be apologetic about.

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If you were born in Arkansas and you think Christianity is true and Islam false, knowing full well that you would think the opposite if you had been born in Afghanistan, you are the victim of childhood indoctrination. The whole matter of religion and childhood is the subject of Chapter 9, which also includes my third consciousness-raiser. I also want to raise consciousness in three other ways, which I'll come on to. That is the first of my consciousness-raising messages.How else could there be life, in all its rich diversity, with every species looking uncannily as though it had been ‘designed’?

If your thoughts run along those lines, I hope you will gain enlightenment from Chapter 4 on ‘Why there almost certainly is no God’.

Far from pointing to a designer, the illusion of design in the living world is explained with far greater economy and with devastating elegance by Darwinian natural selection.

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