Updating internet explorer 6 to 7

Choose "Install Now - Typical set of components" and click "Next". At this point an installation progress window will appear while the upgrade proceeds for several minutes. When the upgrade is complete, select "Yes" to restart your computer.

Click "Yes" in the "License Agreement" window that appears. A gray panel entitled "Microsoft Windows Update" will appear while the update program is downloading to your hard drive. When the update is complete, select "Yes" to restart your computer.Microsoft released an updated for IE's Java Script engine and Google simplified the interface to make it work in Internet Explorer 6. If IE6 is no longer a popular browser, developers will spend more time releasing new features.Google uses this opportunity to promote its browser and it also links to Firefox. Others believe that because they only use their computers to check their e‑mail and visit "safe" sites, they don't need to upgrade.

(...) For me, the most compelling reason to upgrade is the improved security.

The Internet of today is not the Internet of five years ago.