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Their major competitors are Sam’s Club and BJ’s wholesale.Besides the US, Costco has locations in Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.Reply Difficult to accept that a business as this one, that advertised constantly about their top of the line service, would have such a poor service toward clients.Corporate Office should not have their phone as it has it right now, misleading the public into believing that there is a chance that a client CAN reach the Public Relations Office.For now, no more Kirkland until I understand what their sanitation situation is over there, because so far it’s looking like a health violation.-Kris Reply [email protected] Please consider opening a Costco in Corpus Christi, TX.

“That’s how WE do it is not a viable answer.” My first question ‘is there an ombudsman position or department that one can contact to address problems? Second given the above & that we’ve been members for decades why should I renew this time? He went to drink one of your Kirkland Brand Purified 16oz, water bottles during his night’s sleep and discovered a sharp piece of plastic inside the bottle touching his lips.As a normal morning of having everyone taking their vitamins in the house I stumbled across a very disturbing image.If I would of just in my normal in a hurry type of mode like I usually am as a mother, my 3 year old would have taken a vitamin with a something melted in it.The Costco corporate office is located in Kirkland, WA.

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Please build one here so we can shop Costco more often without that long tiring drive.

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    There are more and more places in England becoming aware of the need to provide food for special diets. I live near the Yorkshire Dales. have had good and bad experiences. unless I know the place I usually ring in advance. you actually prob. have an advantage over me I can’t have gluton, citrus, tomato.…
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    Accommodating Students with Food Allergies Policy. “Accommodating Special Dietary Needs in School Nutrition Programs” CT. Connecticut State Department of.…