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This leads Ted to suspect that he still has a chance with her.Barney finds out and his friendship with Ted becomes strained.Robin is fairly tomboyish, having been raised by her father as a boy. She's implied to be afraid of commitment, though she has had several long-term relationships.In her youth, Robin was a pop-star who went by the name "Robin Sparkles". Her career goes up and down over the course of the series as she switches networks.The reasons vary from getting a promotion to downright frustration with her station/co-workers.[re social life in Hollywood, and move to NYC] I'm not plugged into that world. It's a really good city to be a homebody and sit and watch movies with friends. Every day you wake up it's a new challenge, like: 'What am I going to do with myself today?

When Marshall and Lily have their baby, Robin and Ted decide to start over as friends.6 years after Ted's wife dies, Ted's kids tell him to give Robin one more shot as he's clearly still in love with her.Ted does so and it's implied that they'll finally have the relationship they'd originally wanted with each other.He tells Lily that he suspect Barney will only break Robin's heart.

In the days leading up to the wedding, Robin develops pre-wedding anxiety and confides in Ted instead of Barney.

They both agree to tell their partner about it, which Barney does, but Robin does not.

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    Robin Scherbatsky is an on-and-off love. they would run into each other and begin dating. Robin would later realise that Nick was incredibly stupid and.…