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After the curd is formed and whey is drained off, the whiskey is added which gives the cheese a mottled, golden hue. There was no blue cheese made on Irish farms until 1984 when this cheese was first made.Nearly 50% of the pasteurised milk comes from the Grubb’s Holstein-Friesians cows, the remaining from local herds.Made in a truly traditional way, it’s matured for over a year wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves. One of the cheeses from Baron Robert Pouget's collection, first produced in 2003 to supply Oxford Colleges and restaurants in Oxford City to compete with French rind-washed cheeses such as Epoisses.Lightly washed with 5-yr-old locally produced mead made from fermented honey.Our three set cheeseboards reflect what we feel are the best seasonal cheeses from Britain and France.Each cheeseboard offers four different cheeses from soft and mild through to piquant blue.Young cheeses taste & smell chalky, lactic and mildly blue while the older ones are rich & buttery with a well-formed blue colour.The name of this semi-hard cheese comes from Gray (the original cheesemaker’s name) spelt backwards, now made by Lynher Dairies Cheese Company in Cornwall.

It is a soft, square cheese with a white bloomy rind. Named after the New Order song, this is said to be the only cube shaped cheese in the world, and was created by Blur bassist turned cheesemaker, Alex James.A soft, creamy cheese with cracks and streaks of blue.Handcrafted on the Cahill family farm, this yellow, waxed handmade cheddar is entwined with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey to give a fabulous savoury combination.What we can promise you though, is that we will always have an ample selection of around 45-50 different cheeses for you to choose from!