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apparently blew off his suicidal wife Mary Richardson Kennedy when she pleaded with him to “take care of her” just one day before she hanged herself. told his wife’s Bedford caretaker that he could not do more to save his estranged wife because “she doesn’t want to help herself,” the caretaker told cops who probed Mary’s death.“She said I was right about everything, and everything was her fault.Tales of the sexual indiscretions enjoyed by President Kennedy and his brother have only improved their long-term images as virile leaders. Yet I can’t help but believe that people who allegedly stray not only cheapen the institution of marriage, they wreck it by lowering acceptable standards of human conduct. my lust demons.” He had to “avoid the company of women.President Bill Clinton’s popularity soared after news emerged of his adulterous dalliances with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky — a whopping 73 percent of the public approved of his job performance in a December 1998 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. In an entry to RFK Jr.’s 2001 diary reviewed by Vincent and Klein, he wrote about grappling with “my greatest defect . You have not the strength to resist their charms.” In addition to his four kids with Richardson, RFK Jr. Cops busted Kevin Mc Enroe, the son of former tennis star John Mc Enroe and actress Tatum O’Neal, in Manhattan’s East Village last week, authorities said, as he tried to score cocaine and prescription pills like a common junkie.It's a good match up." PHOTOS: POTUS' A-list pals! He shared his other four kids, Conor, 19, Kyra, 18, Finn, 16, and Aiden, 13, with second wife, the late Mary Kathleen Richardson.Hines shares daughter Catherine, 10, with ex-husband Paul Young.

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Or have the once-puritanical American attitudes toward infidelity simply grown more French?Worried, the caretaker told cops she contacted Bobby. Perhaps in deference to the Kennedy family, the first reports indicated that the caretaker had found her lifeless body and sounded the alarm — not her AA sponsor.But on the day Mary was found dead, Kennedy had reached out to the sponsor, Shannon White, and said “he was worried that something had happened to Mary and that she may have hurt herself,” the papers revealed.Kerry Kennedy, 54, the former wife of New York’s Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, was acquitted of a misdemeanor charge of driving while ability impaired by drugs, by a jury whose members I called “starstruck.” I guess my invitation to the RFK Jr./Hines nuptials got lost in the mail.

"He's so dedicated to the environment and clean water, so we take turns.

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