Abstinence online dating

I saw a statistic about the percentage of children in 18th century America who were born less than 9 months after their parents got married. It might have been higher, but I'm sure it wasn't lower. Anyway, my point--and I do have one--is that abstinent dating is not some kind of historical ideal that modern society can recapture. Abstinence didn't exist more back then than it does now. Dating=Po F=glorified lay with someone I don't want a relationship with without having to have a one night stand.Abstinence didn't exist more back then than it does now. stop being so lame, teen pregency is just a fall down the stairs away from solved. If you think you're trying to achieve something that people in the past managed to achieve, then you're putting an unfair expectation on yourself. And further back, before abstinence become an ideal in western society, there was a time when premarital sex was considered a normal and healthy activity. you see every one, hes got onthing I think sex is a vital part of a relationship. Excuse my ignorance, but what does "Po F" stand for?

But I'm not entirely convinced that it's much better away from the cities.The whole abstinence until marriage bit me in the butt, and I would never do that again. if you wait to have sex and then the person is shit in bed and wont do what you like, then did you really get to know them. sex is good, i find white people and weird religous people are the old ones who fell this way towards sex whats so wrong about the sex. its like getting free drugs that dont have a hangover. She is terrified of her kids growing up without a dad (and me beating the snot out of the kid that knocks her up)... Simply stating a comment in contrast to an earlier poster, not all "abstinent daters" are religious nuts...Sex is an important part of a relationship and should be explored before marriage is considered. The only people I know who waited until marriage were very religious...even then they rushed to the altar. sex feels good and not having sex with people you want to have sex with is stupid and it deprives you both from victomless pleasure. there are truely conciderate and respectful people out there who aren't out for an easy peice of tail.A lot of people get to know each other before sex has to be one of the most metro sexual gay things ever. Most people now days take everything for granted or are too self absorbed to care about the people effected by their sexual actions.

They have no concideration for the person they "screw"... well, thats most of us ultimately want, but the heartlessness these days is kind of frightening.

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